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Our Mission

Pure Exploration is an Adventure Education and Travel company, headquartered in Queenstown, New Zealand. Our mission is to facilitate transformative experiences through immersive educational programs spanning 6 to 28 weeks in New Zealand, Patagonia, Nepal, and Costa Rica.

At our core, we offer a diverse array of experienced-based programs tailored to cultivate outdoor Instructors and mentors. This includes our signature 6-week Adventure Travel Programs spanning the globe, our comprehensive 12-week Adventure Guide Programs specialising in Hiking and Rock Climbing, designed to equip participants with the NZOIA Rock and Bush leadership qualifications, our unique 24-week Work and Train Program that provides a blend of outdoor training coupled with hands-on paid work experience alongside adventure tourism company AJ Hackett Bungy NZ, and our accelerated advanced 28-week Outdoor Instructor Program crafted so students can achieve their NZOIA Rock 1 & Bush 1 Qualifications and gain experience as an instructor.

We aspire to cultivate a community of like-minded individuals — consisting of our esteemed staff, students, and alumni who unite under the values of wilderness stewardship, educational excellence, leadership development and safety. Through our programs, participants not only gain the skills to thrive and educate in the outdoor industry but also learn the importance of responsible wilderness practices with a focus on Rock Climbing and Hiking.

Why Travel With Us?

  • We have over 20 years of industry experience running global programs
  • We excel at providing experienced based outdoor adventure programs
  • Industry recognition, we train you to the NZOIA qualification standards
  • Cultural immersion and local experiences within the locations we visit
  • Explore natural environments and learn about their unique ecosystems
  • Blend personal growth with professional development
  • Live like a local as the program instructors lead you to their favourite off the beaten track locations
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Our Programs

We offer a diverse range of programs encompassing adventure travel and immersive education. Designed to have you upskill in the outdoors while exploring an epic location.

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Why Travel With Us

Our team has over 20 years global experience guiding groups and teaching technical outdoor skills. With a passion for travel and the outdoors, our experienced instructors will have you learning from the ground up.

Meet Our Instructors
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What We Stand For

Internationally Operating for 23+ Years

With over 23 years of experience and expertise in the adventure travel & outdoor training industry, we guarantee that participants will benefit from our knowledge and industry credibility.

Legendary Destinations

Participants are immersed in the awe-inspiring beauty and experiences of our legendary locations, from the rugged landscapes of Patagonia to the pristine jungles of Costa Rica, the majestic mountains of Nepal to the remote backcountry of New Zealand.

Globally Recognised

Participants have access to internationally recognised certifications and qualifications tailored to diverse environments and conditions, making us the preferred choice for aspiring guides seeking opportunities for global expedition work and career advancement.

Exploration Attitude

Participants will challenge their inner selves, embrace change, and enjoy the journey as they push beyond their limits and overcome obstacles. Through intentional leadership and transformative experiences, they will unlock their full potential amidst the wonders of nature. Along the way, they will foster lasting connections and a sense of belonging within the vibrant adventure community.

Truly Immersive Experiences

Experience a journey of continuous growth and development with our progressive learning mantra, guiding participants through foundational skills to advanced techniques, empowering them to evolve personally and professionally throughout their adventure. Embrace environmental stewardship, outdoor leadership, adventure guiding and instructing.

Our Community

Our programs are designed to act as a springboard for participants to venture into their next adventure; whether it's a career in the outdoors or a challenging outdoor pursuit. With a focus on the future our alumni, instructors and team pride themselves on a sense of adventure and self discovery.