Alumni Stories

Rachel T. Singapore

To The Slopes

"As soon as I got my qualifications through Pure Exploration I hit up Wild Wire Wānaka for a job and now I'm guiding people up waterfalls on a via ferrata route. I'll be staying in this industry for sure, it's the career change I wanted and I love it!"

Jeff N. Australia

Wild Wire Guide

"As soon as I got my qualifications through Pure Exploration I hit up Wild Wire Wānaka for a job and now I'm guiding people up waterfalls on a via ferrata route. I'll be staying in this industry for sure, it's the career change I wanted and I love it!"

Dani L. Australia

Program Advisor

"It had been a long time coming thanks to Covid, but I finally got to do the Adventure Guide Program and went straight into a program advisor role with Pure Exploration. I wanted to see the behind the scenes of an outdoor company and the program advisor role was perfect for that!"

Jake W. Australia

4wd Tour Guide

"I work form Nomad Safaris and basically I take people on guided quad bike tours up mountains and into valleys. I wanted to get into the industry and the program was a great start for me and landing this job is a great introduction to the guiding industry."

Maddy M. United States

Life After Pure Exploration

"I currently work as an outdoor instructor in the industry. I have worked for Pure Exploration and for three other travel companies since doing the program. So, my outdoor career really did start when I booked on my New Zealand Adventure Guide Program."

Avery K. United States

Tour Guide Life

"Life after the program has been nothing short of absolutely amazing. I moved up to Fairbanks, Alaska and I accepted a job with Northern Alaska Tour Company working as a Tour Guide. But not just any Tour Guide, I am a Tour Guide who operates a 25-passenger coach and I drive 200 miles on one of the world’s most dangerous highways all the way up to the Arctic Circle and then I turn around and go right back to Fairbanks."


Thoughts on New Zealand

"What I've really loved about this program is just being out in the incredible nature of New Zealand, especially during the hikes where you will camp, do overnights in these beautiful valleys surrounded by the mountains and having the stars above you at night and not having any other people around you, that's just amazing."

Why Pure Exploration?

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We offer a diverse range of programs encompassing adventure travel and immersive education. Designed to have you upskill in the outdoors while exploring an epic location.

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Why Travel With Us

Our team has over 20 years global experience guiding groups and teaching technical outdoor skills. With a passion for travel and the outdoors, our experienced instructors will have you learning from the ground up.

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What We Stand For

Internationally Operating for 23+ Years

With over 23 years of experience and expertise in the adventure travel & outdoor training industry, we guarantee that participants will benefit from our knowledge and industry credibility.

Legendary Destinations

Participants are immersed in the awe-inspiring beauty and experiences of our legendary locations, from the rugged landscapes of Patagonia to the pristine jungles of Costa Rica, the majestic mountains of Nepal to the remote backcountry of New Zealand.

Globally Recognised

Participants have access to internationally recognised certifications and qualifications tailored to diverse environments and conditions, making us the preferred choice for aspiring guides seeking opportunities for global expedition work and career advancement. Our partnerships and accreditations are globally recognised.

Exploration Attitude

Participants will challenge their inner selves, embrace change, and enjoy the journey as they push beyond their limits and overcome obstacles. Through intentional leadership and transformative experiences, they will unlock their full potential amidst the wonders of nature. Along the way, they will foster lasting connections and a sense of belonging within the vibrant adventure community.

Truly Immersive Experiences

Experience a journey of continuous growth and development with our progressive learning mantra, guiding participants through foundational skills to advanced techniques, empowering them to evolve personally and professionally throughout their adventure. Embrace environmental stewardship, outdoor leadership, adventure guiding and instructing.

Our Community

Our programs are designed to act as a springboard for participants to venture into their next adventure; whether it's a career in the outdoors or a challenging outdoor pursuit. With a focus on the future our alumni, instructors and team pride themselves on a sense of adventure and self discovery.

Male rock climbing on a coastal crag in Dunedin New Zealand

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