4 Adventure Travel Tips & Tricks

4 Adventure Travel Tips & Tricks

Discover essential gear, safety tips, travel hacks, and sustainable practices for your next adventure travel experience. Learn how to maximise your adventures while minimising your environmental impact.

1. Essential Gear for Adventure Travel

  • Detailed packing list for various types of adventures you will do overseas (e.g., hiking, kayaking, climbing, mountaineering).
  • Choose the right gear for different climates and weather. There is nothing worse than being wet while you're on a 5 day back country hike because you forgot to pack your Gore-Tex rain jacket.
  • Ensure the gear you are packing is in good condition and well maintained. Outdoor and adventure gear can be expensive, make sure you look after it to ensure longevity. 


2. Stay Safe on Your Adventure Travels

  • Research the destination you are travelling too. This can be simple things like the climate, cultural norms or local emergency phone numbers. Do your research to ensure you are prepared for any situation.
  • Basic first aid skills. If you're planning on spending time outdoors on your upcoming adventure travels (which of course you are), make sure you understand basic first aid. 
  • We strongly recommend you have travel insurance when travelling abroad. You need to make sure you go with the right company that covers all adventure activities you will participating in while overseas.


3. Sustainable Adventure Travel

  • Leave no trace and reduce your waste where ever possible in the natural environments. No doubt you'll be spending time outdoors while you travel, always remember to adopt leave no trace principles and sustainable travel practices. 
  • Eco-friendly gear options. There is a wide variety of eco-friendly or sustainable equipment you can purchase for your adventure pursuits. Think Patagonia, Cotopaxi, Icebreaker and more!
  • Support local communities. Whenever possible try to shop at local market stalls, research the cultural customs & norms and engage with the locals respectfully. 


4. Adventure Travel Planning

  • Research the destination you want to visit at the adventure activities you want to participate in. For example, if you are heading to Nepal; you're most likely going to tackle a multi day hike on the Annapurna Circuit, or if you're visiting Patagonia; you're definitely going to want to try out mountaineering and glacier navigation. Do your homework and make sure the destination you want to visit offers your prefer adventure activities! 
  • Always plan for rest days and down time. Adventure travel and activities can be tiring, don't forget to look after yourself and allow for some down time.


5. Bonus: We've Got Your Covered!

  • Our programs are the perfect blend of adventure activities, travel and cultural immersion. Picture yourself hiking remote trails in New Zealand, hanging out with the locals in Nepal, exploring Los Glaciares National Park in Patagonia or traversing the vibrant landscapes of Costa Rica.
  • Not only will you learn outdoor skills and advanced first aid, you'll live like a local and become immersed in their way of life.